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Customized Treatment Plans

Just for You

Being a board-certified adult psychiatrist allows me to prescribe medications to treat multiple conditions (including substance abuse) on top of formulating a diagnosis or providing therapy. As a medical doctor, I'd be able to consider whether a medical condition is likely responsible for your symptoms.

I have experience addressing the specific challenges associated with certain uniquely stressful professions including but not limited to medical professionals, executives, lawyers, and first responders.  Having trained in cognitive behavioral therapy, psychodynamic training, and mindfulness, I tend to incorporate methodology for these therapies as indicated by your treatment needs. 

  • Career Burnout

  • Anxiety 

  • Depression 

  • Psychiatry 

Methods of treatment will also likely include alternative treatments with nutritional support, options for increasing movement, lifestyle changes, and supplements and reassessing relationships.

While I specialize in folks with occupational problems, the approach of focusing on individual well-being is widely successful for almost anyone including students and those in-between careers. 


Dr Johnson contacted me back quickly to make an appointment and was able to see me within a few days. Very understanding and personable and definitely knows her stuff. Gave me options and discussed my goals with me right off the bat. Super easy to talk to. :)

Frequently Asked Questions

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